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Dementia in Europe magazines

Alzheimer Europe publishes the Dementia in Europe magazine in print twice per year with a circulation that varies between 3,000 and 3,500. It is distributed to all the Members of the European Parliament and many high-level decision makers in the European Commission. It also reaches lawmakers and politicians in the countries of Alzheimer Europe’s member associations, who receive and further distribute numerous copies of each issue. In addition, the magazine is read by research professionals from public and private bodies, such as the JPND and the 2nd EU Joint Action on Dementia. Finally, the magazine is distributed to academic and scientific partners who work together with Alzheimer Europe in various projects.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 23 (November 2016)

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Issue 23 contents: AE holds a public affairs meeting. EPAD holds a General Assembly and colloquium while EMIF hosts an e-health conference. The Dutch EU Presidency hosts the “Living well with(out) dementia” conference and Slovakia invites experts to help develop a national dementia strategy. MEPs launch a Written Declaration on dementia and the WHO moves toward a global action plan on dementia. The World Dementia Council welcomes new Chair Yves Joanette and the Council of Europe develops new legislation for the use of human biosamples. Slovenia launches its first national dementia strategy, Flanders renews its regional strategy and Switzerland evaluates the progress of its strategy. AMPA’s MAA launches a report on dementia in the Mediterranean countries and the German, Slovenian and Swiss Alzheimer associations all name new heads. The special section on human rights covers AE’s lunch debate on the UNCRPD, how it is being implemented and related MEP statements, as well as the launch of the Irish charter of human rights for people with dementia. Finally, Sophie Løhde (Danish Minister for Health and the Elderly) and MEP Ole Christensen speak about the country's new action plan on dementia, while Alzheimerforeningen CEO Nis Peter Nissen gives an overview of the Danish Alzheimer Association.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 22 (April 2016)

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Issue 22 contents: AE holds a lunch debate and its first Alzheimer’s Association Academy. The European Covenant on Demographic Change is launched. Director General Zsuzsanna Jakab describes the activities of WHO Europe. The Luxembourg and Netherlands EU Presidencies maintain dementia as a public health priority. DEM 2, the 2nd European Joint Action on Dementia, begins operations. Austria implements its new national dementia strategy and Norway renews its existing programme. Heike von Lützau-Hohlbein looks back at a long career with the German Alzheimer Society while Collette Kelleher speaks about her first few months at the helm of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. New AE members Israel and Bosnia and Herzegovina showcase their activities and Agnes Houston writes about a new booklet written by people with dementia. Click here to see the table of contents

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 21 (December 2015)

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Issue 21 contents: AE holds a lunch debate in the European Parliament, prepares a new strategic plan and publishes an ethics report and the 2015 Yearbook. A group of MEPs launches a Written Declaration on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia remains on the EU Presidency agenda, IMI names Pierre Meulien as new Executive Director and CEAFA nudges Spain towards a national dementia strategy. Joël Jaouen takes the helm of France Alzheimer, Birgitta Martensson leaves the Swiss Alzheimer Association, ADI releases the World Alzheimer Report 2015 and World Alzheimer’s Day is commemorated all around Europe. The special section covers highlights from Alzheimer Europe’s 25th Conference in Slovenia.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 20 (June 2015)

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Issue 20 contents: AE creates an Expert Advisory Panel, launches the Glasgow Declaration campaign and joins the EPAD project, EU Commissioner Andriukaitis outlines the Commission’s dementia programmes, Ireland implements its new national dementia strategy, Malta launches the world’s first dementia-friendly national strategy, Luxembourg’s EU Presidency will focus on dementia, WHO members call for global action on dementia, Young European leaders give a fresh look at dementia care and Hilary Doxford becomes the first person with dementia on the Board of the World Dementia Council. The Spotlight on Slovenia includes an interview with the Health Minister, a profile of Spominčica (Alzheimer Slovenia), expressions of support from Slovenian MEPs and a personal account of living with dementia.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 19 (March 2015)

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Issue 19 contents: AE members elect a new Board, MEP Keith Taylor hosts an AE lunch debate, AE presents the new EAA Executives and three new publications, the EWGPWD begins its second term of office, Luxembourg’s Minister for Family Affairs and Integration discusses new programmes for people with dementia, Greece approves a national dementia strategy, France launches strategy for neurodegenerative diseases, Italy holds an EU Presidency conference, European Commission reports on dementia activities, “Global action against dementia” completes 2014 agenda, Birgitte Vølund takes the helm of the Danish Alzheimer Association, AE members commemorate World Alzheimer’s Day, Raoul Grönqvist and Milja Ahola discuss movement recall and musical therapy, the Mediterranean Alzheimer Alliance members meet in Lisbon. The Special Section includes an account of the Opening Ceremony, highlights from the Plenary Sessions and a report on AE’s Glasgow Declaration.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 18 (October 2014)

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Issue 18 contents: Alzheimer Europe and its members prepare for a European dementia strategy, the EWGPWD looks back on its first term of office, AE defines the aims and activities of the European Alzheimer’s Alliance, the PACE and PredictND Project Coordinators describe their research efforts, Norway’s Minister of Health discusses the country’s future dementia strategy, delegates at the first Global Dementia Legacy Event continue to plan actions against dementia, Dr Dennis Gillings describes his role as Global Dementia Envoy, Scotland’s government holds an international dementia conference, AE’s Ana Diaz earns a PhD, the Dementia Friends campaign gains momentum. The Special Section includes highlights of the Scottish national dementia strategy, statements from Scotland’s new MEPs, a profile of Alzheimer Scotland and personal accounts of people living with dementia and caring for people with dementia.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 17 (June 2014)

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Issue 17 contents: IMI’s Michel Goldman at Alzheimer Europe’s lunch debate, MEP Yannakoudakis explores the effects of EU initiatives on Alzheimer’s disease, AE  plans the relaunch of the EAA and presents its EU election campaign and a new Care Pathways research project, AETIONOMY project coordinators outline the aims of a new IMI research project, the EWGPWD prepares for the 2014 AE Conference, AE launches a clinical trial database, Switzerland launches a national dementia strategy, Italy prepares for its EU Presidency, Greece works towards a new national dementia strategy, Finland introduces economic austerity measures, the AAL JP programme harnesses ICT to improve the quality of life of people with dementia, AMPA Monaco provides care for all people with dementia, Jean-Pierre Frognet describes his recent trial run of a day care centre, Czech soap opera portrays dementia as an everyday event.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 16 (February 2014)

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Issue 16 includes the following: EC President Barroso discusses the challenges of dementia, a report from the G8 dementia summit, a report on the lunch debate hosted by Maltese MEP Joseph Cuschieri on comparing and benchmarking national dementia policies, 31 MEPs speak out on dementia, AGE Platform Europe promotes dementia-friendly communities, an evaluation of the 3rd French Alzheimer plan, Alzheimer Europe presents 2013 Dementia in Europe Yearbook, a report on the European Dementia Ethics Network "perceptions and portrayal of dementia", a report on national associations' activities for World Alzheimer's day 2013. There is also a special "spotlight" section of the magazine dedicated to Alzheimer Europe's 23rd conference in Malta in October 2013.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 15 (October 2013)

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Issue 15 includes the following: a report of Alzheimer Europe's 16th lunch debate in the European Parliament on ALCOVE, the Joint Action on Dementia, an update on the DECIDE and EMIF projects and the activities of the European Working Group of People with Dementia and the European Dementia Ethics Network, interviews with EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg and Lithuanian Minister of Health Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis, information on national dementia strategies in Scotland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, including interviews with Luxembourg's Minister of Health Mars Di Bartolomeo and Minister for Family and Integration Marc Spautz. A special section of the magazine is dedicated to Alzheimer Europe's 23rd conference in Malta and includes interviews with Maltese politicians Joseph Cuschieri, MEP and Franco Mercieca, Parliamentary Secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disability. 

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 14 (June 2013)

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Issue 14 includes the following: an interview with Marina Yannakoudakis, MEP (United Kingdom) on her priorities as the new Vice-Chair of the European Alzheimer's Alliance, a report on Alzheimer Europe's 15th lunch debate in the European Parliament on clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease, an overview on projects AE is coordinating or collaborating with, an update on the activities of the European Working Group of People with Dementia, a report on the findings and conclusions of ALCOVE, the joint Action on dementia, an interview with Alojz Peterle, MEP (Slovenia) on the situation of people with dementia in Slovenia, an interview with Irish Health Minister Kathleen Lynch, TD on the development of an Irish dementia strategy, reports on the impact of austerity measures in Iceland and the economic impact of Alzheimer's disease as seen by Corien Wortmann-Kool, MEP (Netherlands), an article by Maurice O'Connell, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland, a focus on a project by Alzheimer Portugal on "Spaces of Memory", a spotlight on the Finnish member organisation of Alzheimer Europe celebrating its 25th anniversary and a testimony by Dermod Slevin on his experiences of living with dementia.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 13 (February 2013)

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In issue 13 you can find the following articles: an interview with Helga Rohra on her priorities as the first Chairperson of the European Working Group of People with Dementia, an overview of national dementia strategies in Europe, a report on the 14th lunch debate in the European Parliament on the experiences of people with dementia, an interview with Roberta Angelilli, MEP (Italy) on the prevention of age-related diseases, a look on the health priorities of the Cyprus EU Presidency, an interview with David Martin, MEP (United Kingdom) on the lives of people with dementia in Scotland, a progress report on the development of the Irish dementia strategy, information on the development of a white paper on Alzheimer's disease by France Alzheimer, an article by Sirpa Pietikäinen, MEP (Finland) highlighting the need to protect constitutional rights of people with dementia, an overview of activities of member organisations on World Alzheimer's Day, a feature on a Cypriot musical "Dimentia" dedicated to raising awareness of Alzheimer's disease and a full report in a special section dedicated to the 22nd Alzheimer Europe Conference in Vienna "Changing perceptions, practice and policy".

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 12 (September 2012)

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Issue 12 of the magazine includes interviews with policy makers Androulla Vassiliou (European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth), Maria Guzenina-Richardson (Finnish Minister of Health and Social Services), Alois Stöger (Austrian Health Minister), as well as Heinz Becker and Angelika Werthmann (Austrian MEPs.) Austerity measures in Spain are discussed by Arsenio Hueros Iglesias, President CEAFA and Antigoni Diakou, President of Cyprus Alzheimer Association talks about the successful collaboration between the Association and Cypriot Ministry of Health.  A report is included on Alzheimer Europe’s 13th lunch debate in the European Parliament which focused on how European health and research programmes help to address Alzheimer’s disease.  Updates are provided on three of Alzheimer Europe’s current projects (PharmaCog, National dementia strategy comparisons and ethical issues linked to restrictions of freedom of people with dementia). In addition, issue 12 reflects on the work of four national Alzheimer associations (Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland and Sweden) and has a special section dedicated to Austria.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 11 (June 2012)

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Issue 11 includes the report “Giving a voice to people with dementia”, which features the ground-breaking meeting for the European Working Group for People with Dementia (EWGPD). EU developments are also included in this issue: EU Commissioner John Dalli talks about how the EU will continue to address Alzheimer’s disease and the EU programme, “Health for Growth” is discussed by MEPs Franҫoise Grossetête (France), Glenis Willmott (UK), Milan Cabrnoch (Czech Republic), Maria Badia i Cutchet (Spain) and Angelika Werthmann (Austria). Also, updates on two European projects (PharmaCog and NILVAD) are provided and the main outcomes of the WHO/ADI report “Dementia: a public health priority” are considered.  On a national level, policy developments from the UK (on the commitment given by British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to tackle dementia), Romania (Oana Antonescu, MEP (Romania) speaks about the situation for people with dementia in her country), Portugal (the impact austerity measures have on people with dementia), Scotland (the successful campaign to ensure that people with dementia in Scotland receive one year’s post-diagnostic support) and Northern Ireland (the newly-launched dementia strategy for Northern Ireland) are considered. The work of both the Scottish Dementia Working Group and also the Romanian Alzheimer Society is highlighted as they celebrate their 10th and  20th anniversaries respectively.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 10 (February 2012)

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Issue 10 of the Dementia in Europe magazine includes information on work being carried out at European level on dementia with contributors from Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for DG Digital Agenda, Enda Connolly, Member of the Joint Programming Initiative on Neurodegenerative Diseases Executive Board and Chief Executive of the Irish Health Research Board, Monika Hierath, Alliance for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well as Astrid Krag, the Danish Minister for Health.  National updates are provided from France by Florence Lustman, Vice-Chair of the Foundation for the Scientific Coordation of the French Alzheimer Plan, Denmark by Ole Christensen, MEP (Denmark) and Luxembourg by Mars di Bartolomeo, Luxembourg Minister for Health. The impact of austerity measures is considered in Ireland and Greece.  Highlights from Alzheimer Europe's 21st Annual Conference, which was held in Poland, are included in this issue. Updates also given on some of the work carried out by Alzheimer Europe (2011 Yearbook dedicated to the legal provisions relating to the restriction of the freedom of movement of people with dementia, the report "The Ethics of Dementia Research" and the DECIDE project).

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 9 (October 2011)

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Issue 9 of the Dementia in Europe magazine includes an update on the European Commission’s European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and has interviews from the European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn,  the Director of DG Health and Consumers, Paola Testori Coggi and the Director General of DG Information, Society and Media, Robert Madelin.  There is a summary of the current status of national dementia strategies around Europe. The Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon provides insight into the Scottish Dementia Strategy.  In addition to regular features, Alzheimer Europe reports on the Value of Knowing survey, President Sarkozy’s speech on the global crisis of Alzheimer’s disease and the recent lunch debate on dementia held in the European Parliament. Issue 9 has a special section dedicated to Poland which includes a moving account of Mariusz Kazanczuk who cares for his mother, the situation in Poland by MEP Elzbieta Katarzyna Lukacijewska, a look at the Polish EU Presidency by Lilianna Michalik, First Secretary, Permanaent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU and a review of the work carried out by the Polish Alzheimer’s association by its Chairperson, Alijca Sadowska.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 8 (June 2011)

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Issue 8 highlights include: Information on how dementia is being addressed at the European level (by the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, László Andor), a look at how the situation is for people with dementia in Italy (by Patrizia Toia, MEP (Italy), a moving account of the experience of living with dementia in Italy by Alzheimer Uniti and Paola, who has dementia, consideration of the work carried out by national associations to secure the development of a national dementia plan in Greece and in Ireland, a paper on how cooperation and collaboration between national and European organisations can be mutually beneficial, information on European activities on long-term care: the subject of Alzheimer Europe’s lunch debate hosted by Marina Yannakoudakis, MEP (UK), an update on the PharmaCog project as well as information on the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a summary of the 2011 Romanian Alzheimer Conference and updates on recent policy developments, scientific news and national Alzheimer associations current campaigns.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 7 (March 2011)

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The 20th Alzheimer Europe Annual Conference entitled "Facing dementia together" is highlighted in this issue of the magazine. Significant developments which have occurred in the field of Alzheimer's disease at European and national level were discussed at the conference and are reported on. The European Parliament lunch debate dedicated to the Joint Programming of research in neurodegenerative diseases is also reported on as are the Alzheimer Report on the ethical issues linked to the use of assistive technology and the 2010 Dementia in Europe Yearbook, which was dedicated to legislation relating to guardianship and proxy decision making. Updates on the national dementia strategies in Denmark, England, Finland and Portugal are given and Milan Cabrnoch, MEP (Czech Republic) explains the issues which are facing people with dementia in the Czech Republic.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 6 (September 2010)

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In issue 6 of the Dementia in Europe magazine Alzheimer Europe reports on its lunch debate in the European Parliament on national dementia strategies in France and Germany, the launch of the national dementia strategy in Scotland, on legal developments in Switzerland and on the services provided by national Alzheimer associations across Europe. The magazine also includes interviews with EU Commissioner John Dalli on his views on European action on dementia, Astrid Lulling, MEP (Luxembourg) on the situation of people with dementia and their carers in Luxembourg and Irene Oldfather, Member of the Scottish Parliament on the national dementia strategy in Scotland.

As Alzheimer Europe celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2010, a supplement is included in issue 6 on the history, achievements and hopes for the organisation as well as the people behind it.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 5 (April 2010)

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Highlights of this issue include interviews with the Executive members of the European Alzheimer's Alliance, a review of the 2009 Dementia in Europe Yearbook on healthcare decision making in Europe for people with dementia, updates on the development of national plans in Malta, Cyprus and Portugal, challenges faced by people with dementia in Finland, a carer's account of living with dementia in Spain, a reflection of the work of the Greek Association of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders as well as an indepth interview with Professor Philippe Amouyel, the Chair of the Management Board of the Joint Programming Inititative of Neurodegenerative diseases.

Dementia in Europe Magazine: Issue 4 (December 2009)

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Highlights of this issue include a report on the European Parliamentary lunch debate regarding the swift European action on dementia and a look at the achievements of the European Alzheimer’s Alliance. The 19th Annual Alzheimer Europe Conference in Belgium is covered as are various national initiatives including the Dutch national dementia plan, the exchange of best practices on dealing with behaviour symptoms at home and the Swedish Presidency Conference on dignified ageing. This edition also has snapshots from Alzheimer associations’ celebrations for 2009 World Alzheimer Day.

The Dementia in Europe magazine: Issue 3 (May 2009)

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Alongside the regular features in our magazine, issue 3 has an interview with Androulla Vassiliou, the European Health Commissioner, who talks about the work already carried out by the European Commission, as well as future plans to address Alzheimer's disease. The role that the Czech European Presidency can play in helping to combat Alzheimer's disease is highlighted by the Czech Health Minister, Daniela Filipová. There is a special section dedicated to several Members of the European Parliament who evaluated the achievements that the 2004-2009 European Parliament had had which could benefit people with Alzheimer's disease and their carers. The MEPs also spoke of their hopes for the forthcoming Parliamentary session 2009-2014. Updates were given too on the recently released European prevalence rates of dementia, the legal rights of people with demetia and their carers in Norway, the situation for people with dementia in Greece as well as a summary of the newly launched English Dementia Strategy. Issue 3 also has the first of a new series of articles "living with dementia".

The Dementia in Europe magazine: Issue 2 (December 2008)

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Issue 2 contains reports from the high profile French Presidency Conference on Alzheimer's disease, which was held in October 2008. Examples of collaborative work are also a highlight of this issue, including the European Alzheimer's Alliance's work, the European Colloboration on Dementia project (EuroCoDe) and the European Ethics Network. Updates are given on the situation in Poland by Jan Tadeusz Masiel (MEP, Poland), current treatment options for dementia and the World Alzheimer Day campaigns by Alzheimer associations.

The Dementia in Europe magazine: Issue 1 (June 2008)

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The first edition covers different subjects such as the French Alzheimer's Plan, the UK Dementia Strategy, the Hague Convention on the International Protection of Adults as well as interviews with Francoise Grossetete, chairperson of the European Alzheimer's Alliance, Florence Lustman, coordinator of the French Alzheimer's Plan and Brian Peddie, Head of EU and International Law Branch of the Scottish Executive. The magazine also gives details on some of Alzheimer Europe's activities to make dementia a European priority, such as the lunch debate on prevention in the European Parliament or the Alzheimer Europe Conference Breaking Barriers in Oslo, Norway.

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