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Our work

Through its activities, AE hopes to answer a growing need in society - especially among the community of people affected by dementia. The exchange of experience and knowledge as well as collaboration on new approaches will stimulate and motivate these people. Further to this, it will ensure that information on best practice in the care of people with dementia is available throughout Europe and beyond. Our activities focus on the following objectives:

  • to improve the exchange of information between Alzheimer help associations;
  • to stimulate the development of projects in the domains of information, support and caregiving for people with dementia;
  • to establish contacts between Alzheimer help associations in view of setting up and coordinating common transnational projects;
  • to arrange for the translation of booklets, pamphlets and other material of interest to various organisations in EU member states;
  • to organise an annual international conference offering participants the possibility to inform themselves about new findings in the fields of research on, and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Last Updated: Thursday 09 March 2017


  • Acknowledgements

    The Alzheimer Europe website arises from the Work Plan of Alzheimer Europe, which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme.
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